Charlesford Farm Cafe Farm fresh food, so well balanced...

Rustic Farm Cafe serving up breakfast, lunch and all the good things in between on our deck set in the beautiful surrounds of Charlesford Farm.

9:30am - 3:30pm Mon to Friday
9am - 11:30am Saturday.
Closed Sundays and public holidays.


Delicate Golden Croissants

Served between 10 & 12
Butter croissant with Homemade jam & cheddar R35.00
Croissant – Farm ham, grated cheddar and lettuce R45.00
Croissant - 1 fried egg and 3 slices Back bacon R45.00

Crisp toasted Tramezzini selection

Charlesford dry cure ham & Cheddar Tramezzini
Regular R38.00
Large R48.00
Charlesford back bacon & Free range Egg Tramezzini
Regular (1 egg and 3 slices bacon) R45.00
Large (2 eggs and 4 slices bacon) R55.00
Plain melted cheddar Tramezzini
Regular R34.00
Vegetarian’s Delight Tramezzini
Regular (Cheese and tomato) R45.00
Large (Cheese and tomato) R55.00

Charlesford Pure beef burger

Served with homemade bacon relish, salad leaves & potato crisps
150g Pure beef burger on a sesame seed bun R65.00


Cappuccino/Americano R25.00
Tea: Rooibos or Five roses R20.00
Red Cuppacino R25.00
Bottled Fruit juice R15.00
Sparkling grape or Apple Juice R15.00
Bottled water – still or sparkling R12-50

Sorry, we don't have a liquor licence yet!

Enjoy hearty meals on our deck in a very casual setting!
All items may not be available each day – please enquire within shop.