Our Produce Farm fresh

Charlesford has built its reputation on the values of professionalism, uncompromising ethics and consistant quality. We provide quality farm fresh meat products at competitive prices.

The farm butchery is becoming a welcoming household name in Knysna, George and Sedgefield. Our cattle herds are free grazing in our pastures. We pride ourselves in not using growth hormones or antibiotics in our Piggery.

Choose from our speciality hot smoked pork range for any occasion - the range caters for breakfasts, lunches or dinners: Streaky bacon, back bacon, ham for sandwiches, Kassler chops and gammons.

We proudly offer an excellent selection of sausages and wors - all made on site from the best sourced ingredients. We truly believe in giving our customers an exceptional experience.

Try our New Meat Boxes!

Meat raised the right way just tastes better. We take no shortcuts in raising totally natural meat. Our animals take longer to come to market size this way, but we think it's worth the wait.

Meat boxes are an easy, affordable and user friendly way for you to buy the meat you need from a reliable and trusted source.

Beef 100% pure

Beef Mince

R74.50 per kilogram (bulk 1.5kg+ R70.50/kg)

Pure ground beef with a medium fine texture - no added fat. Bulk beef mince (1.5kg+) R70.50 per kilogram.

Beef Cubes

R64 per kilogram

For the perfect stew.

Yummy Biltong

R220 per kilogram

The ideal snack for lunch boxes or a rugby match.


R190 per kilogram

We stock a selection of beef or beef and springbok droëwors.

Rump Steak

R115 per kilogram

Full of flavour...

Beef Sirloin

R97 per kilogram

Sold whole or sliced - vacuum packed.

Beef Fillet

R178 per kilogram

+/-14 days matured, vacuum packed.

T-Bones/Club Steaks

R95 per kilogram

+/- 14 days matured - cut to your preferred thickness.

Pure Beef Patties

R65.50 per kilogram

Our homemade beef burger patties - a favourite amongst our customers.

Beef Ribs Marinated

R85 per kilogram

Pre-cooked and marinated slow oven cook at home for perfection.

Beef Shin

R65 per kilogram

A compliment to chunky vegetable soup or most delicious Osso Bucco (Buchi).

Beef Stew (Shin & Rib)

R58.50 per kilogram

Breaks down wonderfully as it cooks and rewards you with tender, delicious stews.

Beef Oxtail

R75 per kilogram

Perfect slow cooked or great in the poitjie!

Lamb perfectly butchered

Whole or half lamb cut and vacuum packed to your specifications

Approx R95 per kilogram - please contact us with your requirements.

Pork slow grown

Whole pig for spit braai

R80 per kilogram

We prepare the pig and attach it to your spit (if required), ready for roasting.

Please order at least a week in advance.


R65 per kilogram

Cured and hot smoked shanks usually glazed with brown sugar and pineapple juice or in pea and ham soup to add flavour.

Pork Belly Whole

R68.50 per kilogram

The perfect Weber roast.

Loin & Rib Chops

R72.50 per kilogram

Suitable for a BBQ - marinate with coriander and ginger for a special occasion.

Pork Fillets

R90.50 per kilogram

Sold whole or sliced - wrap in bacon or stir fry for a quick meal.

Marinated Pork Skewers

R90 per kilogram

Pork belly strips and whole cherries, marinated in sweet chilli sauce.

Pork Cubes

R60.50 per kilogram

For stews and casseroles.

Pork Belly Strips

R72.50 per kilogram

BBQ to perfection - the perfect accompaniment to any Friday braai day.

Pork Spare Ribs

R95 per kilogram

Pre-cooked, smoked and marinated - one of our best sellers.

Pork Roast Whole

R70 per kilogram

Perfectly marbled, serve with apple sauce on the side.

Marinated Pork Neck steaks

R85 per kilogram

Deboned and skinned in a sweet chilli marinade.

Pork Stir Fry Strips

R92.50 per kilogram

Serve with vegetable stir-fry and soya glaze.

Streaky Bacon (wet cure)

R95 per kilogram

Cured and hot smoked to perfection.

Streaky Bacon (dry cure)

R135 per kilogram

Dry cured and hot smoked to perfection.

Shoulder Bacon

R90 per kilogram

Cured and hot smoked to perfection.

Bacon Pieces

R72 per kilogram

Cured and hot smoked to perfection.

Back Bacon

R135 per kilogram

Cured and hot smoked to perfection.


R78.50 per kilogram

Cured and smoked.

Kassler Chops

R98 per kilogram

Cured and hot smoked.

Kassler Steaks

R115 per kilogram

Cured and hot smoked.

Marinated Pork Chops

R80 per kilogram

Marinated and vacuum packed.

Pork Neck Roast

R70 per kilogram

Slow roasting makes this cut lovely and succulent.

Sausages made with only the finest ingredients

Pork Bangers

R74.50 per kilogram

An anytime sausage!

Pork Sausages

R74.50 per kilogram

Serve with glazed carrots & potato mash

Pork & Apple Sausages

R76.50 per kilogram

A variation on the norm – light lingering taste.


R84.50 per kilogram

A family favourite – with real cheddar.

Grabow Boerewors

R74.50 per kilogram

Beef boerewors with pork for extra flavor.

Kameeldoring Boerewors

R74.50 per kilogram

100% beef.


R78.50 per kilogram

Beef or pork.

The famous Charlesford Russian

R94.50 per kilogram

100% pure beef or beef and pork combined.

Free Range Chicken locally sourced

Whole Chicken

R58.00 per kilogram

Baked, roasted, braaied or fried. There are so many tasty ways to make the most of whole chicken...

Chicken Breasts (4-6 per pack)

R96.00 per kilogram

Easy, healthy, tasty. Boneless/skinless breasts.

Chicken Braai Pack (8 pieces)

R75.00 per kilogram

Happy, healthy chicken that is superior in taste and texture. Add your favourite marinade and taste the difference!

Chicken Kebabs (6 per tray)

R105.00 per kilogram

Choose from lemon & herb or honey and mustard.

Chicken Galantine

R97.50 per kilogram

Free range chicken, boned and stuffed with spinach, pork & apple stuffing. Made to order only.

Locally sourced

Our farm fresh free range chicken is locally sourced from Eden Chickens in Plettenberg Bay.

Eden chickens are free to roam naturally. They are pasture and grain fed and free from antibiotics, growth promoters and animal by-products.

All prices are subject to change without notice. We also reserve the right to correct misprints.

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Bulk production for hunters and restaurants

Game, Beef and Pork

We prepare a full range of butchery cuts and our fantastic sausages, bacon, biltong, wors and more...

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